• the weather is so cold already. Do you remember when you could just sit out in the sun and eat raspberries... yeah that was a gooood time☀️
INSIDE: lime x vanilla x raspberry
  • cake + ramen = a very fun cake to decorate.
And now i really want to order some ramen😍
INSIDE: kräsupea
  • mini cakes have a special place in my heart. Just look at them... so cuteee!!!💗
INSIDE: sea buckthorn x chocolate x raspberry
  • carrot cake counts as a vegetable, doesn’t it..?🥕
INSIDE: carrot cake x passion fruit
  • hello autumn! The leaves are turning orange and it has inspired me to use beautiful autumn colours🧡
INSIDE: rhubarb x vanilla
  • another busy weekend behind us... time to reload and work on some new cake ideas 💡 It’s been a while we’ve added new items to the menu 😬 #comingsoon 
INSIDE: kräsupea and sea buckthorn x raspberry x chocolate layers
  • baby pink 🤍 
INSIDE: fresh strawberries, strawberries cream, vanilla sponge and vanilla mousse
  • mini kräsupea cakes 💜
  • I usually don’t like making themed cakes, but that one was kinda awesome to make #lordoftherings #lordoftheringscake
  • inspired by @hanseltaiart 

INSIDE: strawberry-vanilla cake 🍓
  • we have a super busy weekend ahead of us with loadssssss of cake orders, so excited  x happy x and ... probably really tired by the end of Sunday 😂
thank you for choosing us🤍
  • ohh them beautiful #vegan macarons... crunchy on top and chewy inside💛
trying out some new flavours this week, any suggestions? 🤯
  • dark chocolate bonbons with mango x passion fruit filling dipped in shredded coconut 🥥
  • hope you’re having an awesome day 🖤
  • selection of chocolates
obsessed with #houndstooth pattern on desserts... maybe 😬
  • good morning🐻  make sure you enjoy those last sunny days!
raspberry x passion fruit x almond
  • good morning 🤍
salted caramel bonbons
brownie x raspberry cake pops 
passion fruit macarons
  • pssss we’re back, the busy summer is over and I finally had time to go through all the pics...no more silent days @cakerybys feed❤️
  • grey, black and copper 🖤
INSIDE: kräsupea aka brownie, vanilla sponge in sour cream, cherry jam, crunchy chocolate pearls and vanilla mousse
  • selection of chocolates 🖤
dark-chocolate and passion fruit
salted caramel
cherry and amaretto
roasted pistachio
raspberry and vanilla
hazelnut praline 
orange and tonka bean
black currant and cassis