custom cake fillings
  • kräsupea (brownie, crunchy chocolate pearls, vanilla sponge in ''sour cream'', cherry jam, vanilla mousse)
  • chocolate x raspberry (chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache, raspberry jam, raspberries, vanilla mousse)
  • raspberry x passion fruit (almond sponge, passionfruit curd, passionfruit cream, raspberries, vanilla mousse) 
  • pear x salted caramel ( chocolate brownie sponge, caramel cream, poached pear cubes, crunchy chocolate pearls, salted caramel swirl, vanilla mousse)
  • wild strawberry x strawberry (almond sponge, wild strawberry cream, strawberry curd, fresh strawberries, vanilla mousse)
  • snickers (brownie, chocolate ganache, peanut butter, salted caramel, roasted & salted peanuts, vanilla mousse)
sweets/baked stuff
  • macarons ( praline or passion fruit chocolate or wild strawberry)  1.50€/pc
  • kirju koer 2€/per slice
  • cupcake ( raspberry x chocolate or cherry x chocolate x marzipan or salted caramel NEW! 3.50€/pc
  • cake pop (chocolate x raspberry) 2€/pc

custom cake prices

mini cake (min amount 6pc) 4.50€/pc
18cm (max 6 ppl)30€
20cm (max 10 ppl)40€
22cm (max 12 ppl)50€
28cm (max 16 ppl)70€
30cm (max 20 ppl)85€
36cm (max 26 ppl)110€
42cm (max 35 ppl)140€

The price of the cake might vary depending on the complexity of the desired decorations.
intoleranceAll the products are suitable for vegans. We don't use eggs, milk products. Please still let us know about your allergies. Everything can be made without  wheat flour.