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NB! Tellimus tuleb esitada hiljemalt eelmise päeva kella 18ks. Võimalusel esita tellimus paar päeva enne tähtaega. Kiireoomuliste tellimustu puhul võta meiega enne ühendust.
Pick-up or delivery?
I'll pay

We don't have opening hours so please arrive at the time you provided us and let us know if you're running late.

Please give us details about the design in the ''order details'' box (colours, style etc) or add a photo for inspiration. Adding a logo or a name is free of charge.

When ordering from the classics menu, the cakes already have a custom classic and simple design. We can though add name, age or a wish.

We never copy someone else's or our own previous designs 100%. Pleas let us know if the cake is for a lady, man or for a child's birthday.

If you can't find a suitable filling, we're happy to make whatever filling you desire.

The standard hight of our cake is 6cm.

We offer different cake stands for rent.


Cake box should never be transported on the seat, please but it in the trunk, on the floor or hold it in your arms.

We don't take responsibility for products that were not transported correctly.

Before cutting the cake, please remove all the large decorations. All the sugar figures have wooden sticks inside.